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Welcome to Smart RV Tech – dedicated to making your RV work for you!


I’ve always liked playing with technology that makes things easier for us – or at least interesting. Since the debut of internet enabled networks and devices like SmartThings and Amazon’s Alexa, I’ve loved messing around with them to create a “Star Trek” like environment around the house.

When my girlfriend fulfilled her life-long dream of buying an RV, I immediately started wondering how I could employ the same technology while on the road. This website is an exploration of those possibilities.


Most of the “sticks and bricks” home automation and smart technology is geared toward just that – the home. It’s almost always 120V AC powered, always on, and not meant to be traveling around outside of its normal environment. Adapting this technology to RVs running on a combination of 12/24 DC and 120 AC, multiple and constantly changing WiFi sources, and periods where none of the above might be available is a real challenge!


The RV manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers are constantly working on upgrading these features, but because they’re aiming at the largest average market segment, what they produce is often going to be “kinda-what-you-wanted-ISH.” And some of the gear meant to give you a similar experience to the modern smart home is ridiculously expensive!

RV-ers like to customize their homes on wheels to suit their needs, so the purpose of Smart RV Tech is to highlight ideas, new technology, and creative solutions to making our homes work for us – the way we want them to, and without completely breaking the bank.

If you have any ideas for mods, product reviews, or just wild thoughts about “is there any way this could be done?” feel free to ask!

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